Week 12

EUMDS Ballet

Week 12: EUMDS presents Dancing on the Wild Side

I’m in the EUMDS dance show tonight & tomorrow, which has pretty much taken over my life for the week, so naturally this week’s photo would have to relate to that!


Week 10

Edinburgh Skyline

Week 10: Edinburgh skyline

Supposedly Spring should be approaching, but all we seem to have got recently is a whole lot of fog. It does make for some pretty nice silhouettes but apart from that I think Spring should just hurry up and get here sooner!

Week 8

Portobello Beach
Week 8: Portobello Beach in Winter

Finally catching up. Maybe not the prettiest of scenes, but this time last year I was on the beach in Australia getting sunburnt and this is what I’m faced with now. I know where I’d rather be…