New Year, New Project

Slightly late on the uptake, but happy 2016!

Inevitably after leaving Australia and making the difficult decision to become a ‘real’ adult with a proper job, travelling had to take a bit of a back seat and I have completely neglected this blog. Thankfully I do have a couple of adventures planned already for this year because I already have itchy feet from being in Edinburgh too long! But in the meantime, and also because my travelling this year is likely to be much less frequent, I thought I would use this space to post a little one-a-week photography project.

Edinburgh is a gorgeous and vibrant city, and I think that having lived here for most of my life I often take it for granted. So in an effort to appreciate my hometown a little bit more and to start using my camera more from day to day, I’ll be posting one photo each week this year.

However I only decided to do this today, two weeks into the year, so to start things off my first two photos will be from the end of last year.

The Kelpies, Old College Quad
Week 1: The Kelpies, Old College Quad, Edinburgh

Virgin Money Street of Light
Week 2: Virgin Money Street of Light, Edinburgh


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