Two Weeks To Go

Sunset from Mt Dandenong
Sunset from Mt Dandenong & a very small CBD in the distance

Two weeks! That’s it! Then I’ll be hopping on a plane for another gruelling 30 hours of travel and leaving behind this beautiful city. At the weekend those two weeks seemed like an awfully long time. Things got a bit rocky when I was suddenly told that today would be my last day of work, which left me wondering what I was going to do and where I was going to stay for two weeks, but things have since been resolved, the panic has subsided, and I’m back to figuring out how to make the most of those two weeks.

Last weekend also brought with it some heat and sunshine, after over a week of almost solid rain and cold temperatures, so I decided it was time to get out of the city again and headed back up to the Dandenongs on Saturday. Our first stop was to see Puffing Billy, the little steam train that takes you around the mountains. It’s pretty cool, but at almost $50 slightly outside our budget, and we were there to walk anyway! So we headed up to Sherbrooke Forest where we had a nice walk and saw some cockatoos and rosellas. Afterwards we made our way to Sky High at the top of Mount Dandenong to watch the sunset. It was only up here that I realised how far the Dandenongs actually are from Melbourne, which was just a tiny speck on the horizon.

Puffing Billy

Sherbrooke Forest
Sherbrooke Forest



The good weather managed to last until Tuesday when the rain and cold returned, but with things looking up again for this weekend, which I’ve been given off, I’m hoping to (finally!) do the Great Ocean Road. Fingers crossed!


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