First days in Melbourne

Flinders Street Station
Flinders Street Station

It was never exactly going to to be the easiest start, flying halfway around the world and starting a job essentially the moment I got off the plane. On the one hand it was made easier by the fact that the family I’m working for are really, truly lovely, but on the other my first week was inevitably a bit hectic.

So I arrived in Melbourne on Tuesday around midnight, about 30 hours after catching the train to Gatwick airport at 4am on Monday, not something I ever really want to do again. I hadn’t been able to fly from Edinburgh so I’d headed down to London on Friday, which at least broke up the journey a little bit and I had the weekend to chill. My first day in Melbourne I wasn’t actually expected to work which was nice, but the thing with living at your workplace is you end up doing it anyway. So despite jetlag and only a couple hours of sleep I got up to meet the kids, who despite being a bit of a handful at times (as all kids are, especially when there’s 4 of them!), are pretty awesome.

The plan was to kind of slowly ease into things, learn their routines, get to know them, and generally settle in. The first few days were a bit out of the ordinary as it was, even without my arrival and their excitement around that, but then on Friday night the kids’ mum fell ill and she’s been in hospital since. So not the easiest start and it was certainly quite full on from the offset, but it’s meant that I’ve quickly settled in and already feel like I’ve been here much longer than a week!

Outside of work I have tons of free time which so far has mostly been spent exploring Melbourne and the suburb I’m living in. Last weekend was Moomba, a huge festival which takes place over the Labour Day long weekend, so I met up with some other au pairs who have just moved here and we went to that and explored the city a bit. There’s so much to do here I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed and don’t really know where to start, but expect lots more posts including one about my unexpected trip to the Formula 1 Grand Prix!

Melbourne Moomba Festival
Moomba Festival along the banks of the Yarra River


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