I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions. Aside from the one I made last year to stop being hungover – which I’ve now just adopted as a general life rule because honestly, it’s the best – I’ve never been able to keep them. Either they’re things I have no real control over, or if there are things I want to change about my life I just do them rather than wait til the start of the year. So this year I didn’t make any, but I did have things in mind that I wanted to achieve – first and most important was to find a job that would start a career I actually like. Second was to sort out my sorry excuse for a romantic life. But as I said, there’s only so much control I actually have over both of those things so they were more just hopes than resolutions.

But about 6 weeks into this year, after 4 months of job hunting and a failed foray into the world of online dating, I was already losing hope. Maybe it was the realisation that dating is actually some twisted version of hell (especially when it originates on Tinder; more on this later perhaps), one too many job rejections, the complete boredom of having too much free time (it’s a hard life) or just the freezing cold & lack of sunlight, I decided that this wasn’t working and I needed to Do Something.

It started as a vague idea of going to France for a little bit to brush up on my French and get some much needed sunshine, and the idea of au pairing came to me. Not really knowing how to go about it, I signed up to a website to have a little browse and see what it was all about, and within minutes I had messages flooding in from people all over the world. Naturally I was a bit suspect that some of these might be a bit dodge and sure enough 50 year old Bruce in Texas with no children seemed very keen for me to come over and look after… him? But after starting to consider going a bit further afield and maybe not improving my French but exploring a new country, I got talking to a lovely family in Australia who I will now be going to work for in 10 days! The whole process took about 4 days from me creating my profile to booking my flights, so it has all been a bit sudden and not quite sunk in yet, but I’m super excited.

So maybe my hopes for this year of kick starting my career and spending my Friday nights with someone other than my mates, a bottle of wine and Netflix haven’t gone quite as planned. But as I keep having to remind myself, I’m not as old as I think and it’s not the end of the world if I don’t have a ‘real person’ job right this second. And when else am I going to have the opportunity to do this? So even if I feel a little bit like I’m running away from being a Responsible Adult with a Job, I will still be doing that just in a very different way from what I imagined. And in Australia, which makes it so much better. Plus it gives me something to write about on here, so expect lots of adventures and stories to come!



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