Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes

I think I’ve been putting this post off a bit cause it was such a huge disappointment. The original reason I had wanted to come to Croatia was to visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park. I’m sure we’ve all seen photos of it – sprawling turquoise lakes criss-crossed by wooden walkways and overlooked by breathtaking waterfalls – and although it was October it still should have been fairly warm & clear, with the trees changing to lovely Autumny colours. Because it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere and there wasn’t anywhere within driving distance where we could stay and make a day trip, we were spending the night there between Zadar and Pula. Unfortunately this meant that we only had one chance to go and were praying the weather would be good.

We left Zadar early in the morning and already it was promising to be a lovely hot sunny day. But as we headed further inland and into the mountains, the cloud started to build up. Personally speaking at least, with this change in weather my mood went from excited to downright sulky. By the time we reached the lakes we were in thick fog. Not only that, it was so cold we could see our breath – and we were in no way prepared for any sort of cold weather. With our spirits, along with our summer shoes, slightly dampened, we decided to visit the park anyway rather than hold out for the next morning.

I’m not going to lie, it was a rather miserable experience and I left feeling like one day I will have to come back, but it seems that because of it’s location it is very susceptible to bad weather. Towards the end of the day the fog did clear a bit and we got to see some of the waterfalls, but there was one rather creepy moment when we were on a boat crossing a lake and could barely even see the water around us.


We walked back to our B&B through a dark foggy forest known for it’s bears which only added to the days events. But when we arrived we were greeted with a roaring fire, warm showers and a delicious home cooked meal. I’m pretty sure the trout I had had been swimming round the lakes that same morning! Aside from a lovely German couple, who were utterly shocked at my choice of (now ruined) shoes for walking around the lakes, we were the only ones staying there and it was nice to have a little TLC!

We left early the next morning but the fog was still out in full force so I’m glad we hadn’t chanced it! The rest of the day was spent on various buses, and 9 hours later, with a 2 hour wait in Karlovac, something I would 100% not advise anyone to do, we eventually arrived in Pula with the past 24 hours feeling more like a week and very glad to be back in the sun.

A very welcome sight in Pula!


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